About Tramjazz

It's a musical adventure: a perfect mix of quality,beauty, passion and invention.

Tramjazz: a night of entertainment that simultaneously offers a jazz concert, a delicious candlelight dinner and a tour of the centre of Rome by night,all in a historical cable car,restored and converted in a travelling restaurant and a concert hall.

The ingredients of Tramjazz are all of high level: Rome , the delicious food and the originality and quality of the musical proposals as well as of the musicians. Among them: Bill Smith, Paolo Ravaglia, Gabriele Coen, Daniele Tittarelli, Giambattista Gioia, Raffaela Siniscalchi, Marco Acquarelli, Lutte Berg, Max Amatruda, Marco Loddo, Andrea Avena, Elio Tatti, Fabio Sasso, Giampaolo Ascolese, Maurizio Giammarco, Gabriele Mirabassi, Michael Rosen, Michael Supnick, Greta Panettieri,Cristiana Arcari, Alessandro Gwiss,Francesco Lento, Gegè Munari,Vincenzo Florio,Dario Volante, Simone Alessandrini, Daniele Caporaso, Armando Noce,Francesco Poeti,Luca Pirozzi,Alfredo Paixo,Michele Ariodante, Luca Caponi,Andrea Beneventano, Francesco Ponticelli, Alice Ricciardi, Pietro Lussu, Domenico Sanna.

The appointment is in Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 9.00 pm. The meeting point is by the cable car platform near ticket inspectors'cabin. The cable car arrives,a 1947 railroad car "Stanga", part of the ATAC' s historical collection. Through the windows you may see the tables prepared and the lit candles. The band, located in the turning platform in the middle of the carriage, starts with the first theme; the audience in the meantime enjoys on the platform a flute of dry Spumante from Lazio.

The cable car departs.

There is a warm and joyous welcome of the guests commencing this journey in a carefully prepared setting, the starters are served, the beer and the gig starts to warm up. After having covered a long itinerary,through S. Lorenzo, viale Regina Margherita, Valle Giulia, S. Croce in Gerusalemme, S. Giovanni fino al Foro Romano, the cable car reaches a stop at the track of Parco del Celio, just in front of the Colosseo. Dinner, comprising products from the Lazio region, is then served.

The concert is now at its top. The environment is engrossing; the audience listens and is involved while enjoying the beer.

Tramjazz is a project by Nunzia Fiorini and Anna Maria Sciannimanico, on behalf of the structure BRECCE for contemporary art, in collaboration with ATAC. It's a project that will develop with time and will become a point of reference in the contemporary Italian Jazz.

Tramjazz has produced a first CD for the series dedicated to the quartet of Bill Smith and Paolo Ravaglia (clarinet) with Elio Tatti (bass) and Giampaolo Ascolese (drums).