Trambelcanto was created in June 2007,one year before Tramjazz.

Trambelcanto is a special project that offers, in the same night, a night tour in the historical center of Rome and a live lyric concert with music and performers of high level and an exclusive dinner made up of regional products supplied by the Enoteca Regionale Palatium. This is all organized to be made on a vintage 1928 cable car from the historical collection of Trambus completely restored and converted in a travelling restaurant and concert hall with all the comforts.

In the Trambelcanto programme the music is by Giulio Caccini, antonio Vivaldi, Domenico Scarlatti, Giovan Battista Pergolesi, Giuseppe giordani, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gioacchino Rossini,Gaetano Donizzetti, Vincenzo Bellini,Mauro Giuliani, Giuseppe Verdi, Francesco Paolo Tosti e molti altri.

Rome has been a unique centre of history and culture for over 2000 years. It is also the most privileged sight reached by numerous travellers, pilgrims and adventurers. Real journeys and imaginary journeys.It is the place of birth of Latin and Roman civilization and later of catholicism; site of Hebrew community, fulcrum of Renaissance and Baroque, city of the cinema, of the arts and of literature. Rome is a multi-ethnic and multicultural centre, where reception is always warm, different and original.

The cable car in Rome has carried different generations becoming likewise an emblem of this city, a reason of literary inspiration, like the protagonist of a film.

Trambelcanto also organized special night dedicated to the popular tradition song and many other things. (*)Rafael Alberti, Roma, pericolo per i viandanti, ed. it. a cura di Vittorio Bodini, Passigli Editori, Firenze, 2000.